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Eating fish help reduce risk of stroke
The article added time:2007-12-13 | Click article:1920
  Medical research reports to about 80,000 American women for the study and found that weekly fixed eat fish several women, indeed less stroke onset. Dr. Ruikeshiluote Harvard Medical School said that in the past the majority of medical studies have focused on the relationship between the fish and heart disease, and the latest medical research, it is against eating fish with a chance of stroke and with different types of The relationship between stroke mounted one of a small number of researchers. As fish containing Omega-3 fatty acids, that can really reduce the cardiovascular disease with lipid content to block the formation of blood difficult. The high oil content of mackerel, salmon, sardines and other fish in dark, this particular fat palmitic acid rich. More and more of the fish, can prevent cardiovascular disease emergence of the evidence, the American Heart Association, also in the autumn of healthy eating recommendations, encouraged the public to eat at least two fish per week, to improve the local thrombosis derived from ischemic stroke risk.

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