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Bone retain the "calcium" formidable
The article added time:2007-12-13 | Click article:1788
  Bone calcium loss would severely reduced, making easy osteoporosis bone fractures, leading to osteoporosis. Daily life can be rich in calcium intake of food, such as milk, from the Secretary and other dairy products, soybean products, and even eat the fish with bones such as the kiss larval fish, dry fish, as well as nuts, vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage , Gailan vegetables, such as rape, spinach because of a large number of oxalic acid, it will inhibit excessive consumption of calcium absorption. Apart from the need to pay attention to diet, to keep the bone, we must not pay attention to the weight is too light, a large number do not drink, do not smoke, do not excessive intake of protein diet, and must be compatible with moderate exercise, moderate sun can also Let retention of calcium in the bone. If you want to use calcium products to supplement inadequate calcium intake, renal dysfunction, kidney stones or a family history of kidney stones, before taking professional must first consult a doctor for medical advice.
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