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Asparagus mixed Guancaishi help eliminate fatigue
The article added time:2007-12-13 | Click article:1802
  Fatigue, too much intake of fried, high-calorie food, not only boost the spirit is not easy, it tends to cause gastrointestinal burden, the proposed cup of asparagus mixed Guancaishi, rich in vitamin A, B1, C, P, natural protein, chlorophyll , and other nutrients, in addition to the elimination of fatigue, but also suitable for human consumption hypertension, lowering blood pressure also have good results!
  Ingredients: 100 grams of asparagus, celery 50 g, 50 g apples, honey, lemon 1 / 2.
  Practice: asparagus, celery, apple juice, Add Juicers, joined after the completion of lemon, honey flavor can be.
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